• November 17, 2021 4:36 pm
  • United States, Canada, Europe
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Doing business through SMS messaging? Have your customers shown better contact rates when you communicate through text message? Did you know that SMS messaging for business purposes is almost 95% effective for communicating updates, offers or having customer fill in info!

🔥Looking to create SMS traffic? “Textback” can help with your service needs! We send SMS to AU, UK, FRANCE, DENMARK, SPAIN, ITALY, PORTUGAL, BRAZIL, NEW ZEALAND, USA and CA. Do you need specific GEO? Let me know and we can negotiate for a good price! 🔥

Real delivery report

Any industry

Any content

High Delivery Worldwide

Competitive prices on the market

AI Platform free of usage

Auto scrub landlines, DNC

API usage in case you have a platform

Metric graph for clickers, send, replies, etc.

Unlimited DIDs & Domains

Templates, macros, and spinners to avoid getting blocked from carriers

Phone Parameters included

Professional and efficient support

Many forms of payment

Let me know if you’re interested and I can surely offer you something that will bring you results, let’s schedule a meeting to have a platform demo, you lose nothing by taking a little bit of time, actually, you can possibly win more!


  • Service Type : Marketing & Social Media

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